RDNT Token

Token Information

Radiant (RDNT) token addresses

Arbitrum: 0x3082CC23568eA640225c2467653dB90e9250AaA0

BNB Chain: 0xf7DE7E8A6bd59ED41a4b5fe50278b3B7f31384dF

Ethereum: 0x137dDB47Ee24EaA998a535Ab00378d6BFa84F893 RDNT/WETH Balancer LP token addresses

Arbitrum: 0x32dF62dc3aEd2cD6224193052Ce665DC18165841

Ethereum: 0xcF7b51ce5755513d4bE016b0e28D6EDEffa1d52a

RDNT/WBNB PancakeSwap LP token address

BNB Chain: 0x346575fc7f07e6994d76199e41d13dc1575322e1

RDNT, an OFT-20, is Radiant's native utility token. Layer Zero’ omnichain fungible token (OFT) interoperability solution enables native, cross-chain token transfers.

As voted in by Governance Proposal RFP-4, $RDNT emissions incentivize ecosystem participants to provide utility to the platform as dynamic liquidity providers (dLP).

Only users with locked dLP (liquidity tokens) activate eligibility for RDNT emissions on their deposits or borrows.

Additionally, dLP’s share in the utility of Platform Fees is captured in blue-chip assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and stablecoins from borrowers paying loan interest, flash loans, and liquidation fees.

Through decentralized discussions, voting, and governance, the Radiant DAO has and always will dictate the decisions, and, ultimately, the vision of the Radiant ecosystem.

It is encouraged for all users to watch the Explainer Video located on the Markets page.

Liquidity Mining

Only users with locked Dynamic Liquidity (Liquidity Tokens) activate eligibility to receive RDNT emissions within the money market.

$RDNT Liquidity mining emissions can be instantly claimed for the total amount on the condition that they are zapped into locked dLP tokens by pairing the claimed $RDNT with wstETH/BNB.

Alternatively, emissions may be vested for three months. Vesting RDNT may be claimed early for an exit penalty to receive 10-75% of rewards, decaying linearly during the three-month vesting period.

This penalty fee is then distributed 90% to the Radiant DAO reserve, and the remaining 10% is sent to the Radiant Starfleet Treasury.

Locking dLP tokens is a one to twelve-month process and must be re-locked after maturity to continue receiving platform fees.

For a detailed breakdown of how dynamic liquidity provisioning functions, visit the dLP section of the Gitbook.

For a detailed breakdown of how Locking & Vesting work, visit the Manage Radiant section.

Token Allocation

RDNT has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

  • 49% emitted as incentives for suppliers and borrowers, released over five years

  • 19% to the team, released over five years, with a three-month cliff (10% of the team allocation is locked at the genesis of the protocol and unlocks at the 3-month cliff)

  • 17% allocated to the Radiant DAO Reserve that comprises (1) 50% of 'Incentives - Supply and Borrowers' emissions from Oct 2022 - March 2023, and (2) 85% of 'Incentives - Pool 2' from Aug 3, 2022, through Feb 2023, ratified in RFP-2 governance proposal

  • 7% allocated to core contributors and advisors, released over one and a half years

  • 6% reserved for the Treasury & LP, ratified in RFP-9 governance proposal

  • 2% emitted for Pool 2 liquidity providers between August 3, 2022, through March 17, 2023, which has been deprecated and ratified in RFP-8 governance proposal


The exact monthly emission rate is calculated as 20,000,000 / 1.0568 ^ n, where n is the number of months since v2 launch.

RDNT Token Unlock Schedule

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