Radiant V1 Migration

Convert RDNT to Layer Zero's Omnifungible token (OFT)

As approved through Governance Proposals RFP-3, RFP-4, RFP-5, RFP-6, RFP-7 & RFP-8 — the Radiant DAO will implement significant changes in Radiant v2.

The v1->v2 migration process has been in development for months to ensure a seamless transition for all protocol users. Radiant core contributors have looked to automate as much of this as possible, though some manual steps are required.

Users must migrate their v1 RDNT tokens to the new v2 RDNT OFT, which follows the familiar ERC-20 standard.

Technical documentation on the LayerZero OFT standard can be found here.

Migration Wizard

An easy-to-use custom Migration Wizard will assist users throughout the migration process and can be completed in just a few minutes.

You’ll be guided through seamlessly claiming rewards, unwinding RDNT/ETH Sushi LP positions, moving v1 deposits to the v2 lending pool contracts, and lastly, migrating the RDNT token to OFT, at a 1:1 ratio.

The Migration Wizard will assist users with unwinding Sushi LP positions, migrating the v1 RDNT token to v2, and then re-forming their LP positions in a single, easy-to-use zap.

As discussed in RFP-3, LP tokens that will be accepted for staking on Arbitrum will be a RDNT-ETH 80/20 pool on Balancer.

For those providing liquidity on other protocols (e.g., Uniswap v3, TraderJoe), you will need to remove your liquidity manually.

There is no set end date when the migration portal will be deprecated.

Locked RDNT

Users who locked RDNT through the “Manage Radiant” front-end can easily withdraw unlocked v1 RDNT directly via the Migration Wizard.

Pending/Vesting RDNT

“Pending RDNT” refers to the status of emissions whereby a user has not yet triggered a vest. For example — if a user has 10,000 USDC deposited, then they are receiving emissions, and these emissions must be vested to start the vesting clock.

If a user wishes to migrate their pending or vesting rewards to Radiant v2, they will need to either:

  1. Pay the early exit penalty (50%) to convert vesting RDNT to liquid (and therefore migratable) RDNT

  2. Wait out the full 28-day vesting period

RDNT accrued from penalty fees

RDNT accrued from platform fees is liquid, and the Migration Wizard will assist you with seamlessly claiming Platform Fees in a single click.

Need Assistance?

The Radiant support staff is available 24/7 on Discord & Telegram.

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