Automatically compound platform revenue into dLP

Platform fees can be auto-compounded into dLP to increase the likelihood of maintaining eligibility status.

Auto-compounding occurs daily and can significantly increase dLP positions over time as each future compound increases based on the previous compound.

How to Auto-compound

From the Manage Radiant page, navigate to the dLP overview section, select your default lock length, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Next, navigate to the platform revenue console, click the toggle button adjacent to auto-compound, and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The auto-compound button should now be toggled to the right. Turn off auto-compound by toggling the button and confirming the transaction.

Global auto-compounds occur daily and are staggered. A 3% fee will incur upon each compound event.

Compound once instead of automatically by choosing the default lock length, then select "compound to earn XX%," and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Additional notes

  • Auto-compounds occur every 24 hours, on average

  • Auto-compounds require a minimum amount of platform revenue to execute, depending on gas costs per chain

  • Compounded platform revenue is zapped into dLP

  • 3% of the compounded amount is used to fund the bounty contract to award bounty hunters for decentralizing actions for the protocol

  • Auto-compounds are staggered and do not occur globally at one time via the bounty system to prevent gamification

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