How to Deposit

Provide liquidity to the market

How to Deposit

From the Markets page, select the asset you wish to deposit.
Important note: Under the Deposit APY column are two numbers. The first is "Base Market Rate", the second is "Radiant Emissions" - which is only activated for those who supply Dynamic Liquidity.
This will initiate the asset details screen, then click on "Deposit."
Select the desired deposit amount and click on continue to submit your transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, your deposit is successfully registered.
The first deposit of an asset will require an additional one-time approval transaction.


After depositing an asset, you can determine whether or not to utilize it as collateral. An asset that is collateralized will activate your borrowing power, but will be made available to be partially liquidated, should your balance become insolvent (see Liquidation). You can enable collateralization on both the asset details page and also the Dashboard (pictured below).
All deposits are enabled as collateral, by default. An opt-out option for each asset is available in the "Deposits" section on the Dashboard page. Simply toggle the "Collateral" button on the asset you would prefer to withhold from use as collateral, and confirm the transaction.

Supported Assets

  • ​
    ETH (Ethereum)
  • ​
    WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin)
  • ​
  • ​
    USDC (USD Coin)
  • ​
    USDT (USD - Tether)