Platform Fees

dLP rewards

Locked dLPs are distributed claimable platform revenue viewable from the Manage Radiant page.

After selecting "Claim All" and confirming the transaction, the claimed fees are now represented as rTokens in your wallet.

Convert them back into their underlying asset or continue to provide utility to the money market as a lender.

If you wish to convert them back to the underlying asset, navigate to your deposits on the Dashboard and follow the withdrawal prompts.

Borrowers repay loans using their deposited collateral. As they provide this utility to the Radiant ecosystem, their engagement with the protocol is dispersed to dLPs. Once claimed, these become your share of their deposited tokens, i.e., rTokens.

rTokens are interest-bearing tokens represented as 'rXXXX' in your wallet (example: rUSDC for USDC).

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