Security Timelock

As a commitment towards the safety of our users and partners, we want to be transparent about the status of our smart contracts.

Because Radiant was built on a similar framework to Aave and Geist, many of the core contracts are upgradable by the owner.

To mitigate security concerns and foster transparency, all Radiant smart contracts are placed behind a timelock, with a two-day delay for any action. The Radiant team has no intentions to ever push upgrades to these contracts, except to address a critical vulnerability.

Timelock: 0x0b6F135db3A621AB9041AC261276D8F38E1dC7a9

We will prominently inform the community prior to any admin-related actions involving the timelock, and encourage community members to monitor inbound transactions to the timelock address. The Radiant team will always announce all admin-related actions, prior to queuing them in the timelock.

Transfer of Ownership Transaction List

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