Locked dLP


Locked RDNT dLPs share 60% of protocol revenue (25% allocated to lenders and 15% to Opex). Locked dLP cannot be withdrawn prematurely.

Locked dLP (Radiant Liquidity)

Borrowers and lenders that lock dynamic liquidity tokens (dLP) are interacting and providing utility to the platform and thus can capture the added value from the communities’ engagement through the native token $RDNT.

Borrowers and lenders that do not meet the 5% locked Radiant liquidity threshold would earn the base market rates but not RDNT emissions.

By locking dLP (Radiant liquidity), ecosystem participants also receive platform revenue from borrowing interest, flash loans, and liquidations that are claimable fees on the Manage Radiant page.

How to lock dLP

Before locking dLP, create liquidity tokens on Balancer or Pancakeswap. Alternatively, you may zap into dLP.

To manually lock dLP, navigate to the Manage Radiant page. Select the amount of dLP tokens to lock, and the lock length of one, three, six, or twelve months. Each length has a corresponding multiplier, based on a one-month lock (Locking for 12 months earns 25X platform revenue vs. one month!).

Additional Notes

  • Locked dLP is subject to a binding variable lock time (1 month to 1 year), which cannot be unlocked early

  • If you do not select a default lock length, the lock duration will default to 3 months

  • Each lock period has a different multiplier, ranging from 1x to 25x, depending on the lock duration chosen

  • Fees generated from locked dLP can be claimed anytime with no penalty

  • You will continue to receive fees during the entire lock period

  • Platform fees are distributed linearly over a 7-day period

  • If you choose to leave your locked RDNT in the protocol after the expiration date, you will be kicked from the locking pool by disqualification bounty hunters and forfeit the corresponding 7 days of streamed platform fees to the remaining dLP lockers in the pool

  • To prevent disqualification, select the auto-relock function from the Manage Radiant page

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