Deposits and Borrows

In this section, a user can deposit, withdraw, borrow and repay. Users also have the ability to enable or disable deposits to be used as collateral.


After depositing an asset, you can determine whether or not to utilize it as collateral. An asset that is collateralized will activate your borrowing power, but will be made available to be partially liquidated, should your balance become insolvent (see Liquidation). You can enable collateralization on both the asset details page and also the Dashboard.

All deposits are enabled as collateral, by default. An opt-out option for each asset is available in the "Deposits" section on the Dashboard page. Simply toggle the "Collateral" button on the asset you would prefer to withhold from use as collateral, and confirm the transaction.

Supported Assets

Depositing, withdrawing, borrowing and repaying info found below

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