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1-Click Loop & Lock

Leverage your Collateral

Radiant Capital provides a loop & lock function that enables users to increase their collateral value by automating the deposit and borrow cycle multiple times.

The loop and lock function of Radiant may not execute if the selected leverage would cause your health factor to drop below 1.11. If the loop transaction fails to execute, lower your leverage using the sliding scale. Additionally, the loop & lock feature automatically ensures dLP eligibility. If a user is already eligible, zero ETH will be borrowed. As you can see in the video below, there will be zero ETH borrowed if a user is NOT required to add more dLP.

If a user is ineligible for RDNT emissions, the loop & lock tool will automatically borrow the ETH necessary to zap into a locked dLP position to maintain the minimum 5% dLP requirement for activating RDNT emissions. Slippage is fixed at 5%. If a user wishes to reduce slippage, it is recommend to manually create dLP by visiting the Balancer Pool directly.

Lastly, the dLP will be locked for your Default Locking Length, which can be updated under the Manage page.

Assets can be unwound by improving your Health Factor (via depositing additional collateral or repaying outstanding loans).

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