DAO Reserve

The Radiant DAO Reserve is a multisig wallet that, in accordance with RFP-2, serves as a router for RDNT emissions.

The Reserve is responsible for significant emissions allocation changes, as well as for the routing of extant emissions across current and subsequent chain deployments.

Radiant DAO Reserve Wallet: 0x750129c21c7846CFE0ce2c966D84c0bcA5658497

Given the immutability of the Radiant smart contracts, it was not possible for the DAO to simply make adjustments to emissions. RFP-2 was proposed (and subsequently ratified by RDNT tokenholders) in order to allow for better granularity with emission rates.

The Radiant DAO Reserve is governed by RDNT tokenholders and executed by a Council-directed 2-of-3 multisig. On March 21, 2023 - Radiant was notified that the DAO would be receiving 3,348,026 $ARB tokens from the Arbitrum DAO allocation. The Radiant DAO has yet to decide how these tokens will be utilized but is humbled and thrilled for the ability to participate in Arbitrum governance.

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