Disqualification Bounties

Radiant is introducing a function for users that meet the 5% dLP eligibility threshold to disqualify ineligible users for a bounty, akin to running a liquidation bot, either directly through the UI or with searcher bots.

A โ€œbountyโ€ is placed on the account equal to a base bounty that eligible dLPs can claim.

Vigilant bounty hunters can monitor available disqualification bounties on the Manage Radiant page and disqualify ineligible users by selecting "claim" and confirming the transaction.

This disqualification system prevents expired dLP accounts from receiving ineligibly earned platform fees and prevents ineligible users from receiving $RDNT emissions that fall below the 5% dLP threshold.

Additionally, bounty hunters receive a base bounty for relocking dLP for users that have enabled "auto-relock," and for performing auto-compounds on behalf of users that have enabled this automation.

This has the added benefit of further decentralizing actions taken on the protocol, allowing users to point and click to remove ineligible participants while benefiting the protocol (and themselves).

To minimize the chance of disqualification, maintain your eligibility status by increasing your dLP threshold above 5%.

Expired locked dLP disqualifications can be prevented by toggling the โ€œauto-relockโ€ function on the Manage page to continue receiving platform fees without interruption.

Additional Notes

  • Bounty hunters must maintain the 5% dLP threshold status and have deposited assets to claim bounties

  • Claimed bounties are paid in Vesting RDNT

  • The base bounty is dynamic, depending on searcher bot demand and the price of $RDNT

  • Bounties are prioritized so that only one bounty per account is available at a time, although up to three bounty types exist:

    1. Bounty priority is placed on expired lock treatment (remove expired locks from the pool or re-lock dLPs with auto-relock enabled) to prevent the account from continuing to receive ineligibly earned platform revenue. The bounty for removing an expired lock is the base bounty

    2. The next bounty priority is preventing accounts from continuing to receive ineligibly earned RDNT emissions that fall below the 5% eligibility threshold. The bounty for emissions ineligibility equals the base bounty

    3. The last bounty priority is for auto-compounding. When an auto-compound event is triggered, the protocol outsources the execution of the transaction to bounty hunters. AutoCompound bounties are funded by the fee paid by the user that will be compounded. This amount starts small and increases over time as they accrue more pending rewards that will be compounded

  • Self-disqualification: performing an on-chain action within the Dapp (deposit/claim/lock) will trigger a disqualification if the above parameters are detected.

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