Connecting to Arbitrum / BNB

Add the Arbitrum One Network to MetaMask

Arbitrum is an EVM-compatible chain, meaning it can easily work with MetaMask, as well as most browser-based wallets. Click on the network drop-down menu, and select "Add Network" from the bottom. Add in the following details:


Chain ID: 42161

Symbol: ETH


Add the BNB Chain Network to Metamask

The BNB chain (previously known as Binance Smart Chain-BSC) is an EVM-compatible chain meaning it can easily run with MetaMask. The first step of this tutorial is to set up a different BNB network on Metamask. Open Metamask, click on the Network you're currently on, then click on Add Network. Input the details below:


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB


Alternative Shortcut:

Visit Chainlist, connect your wallet to the site, search for "Arbitrum One" or "BNB" in the navbar, and click the "Add Chain" button.

Bridging to/from Arbitrum/BNB

The Radiant DAO recommends Stargate Finance due to its deep liquidity reserves and user interface. However, Multichain, Celer Bridge, and Synapse Protocol are excellent options.

Acquiring $RDNT

The $RDNT token is widely available across numerous decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Centralized exchanges:

Acquiring ETH

Because Arbitrum was designed as a Layer 2 to exist on top of the Ethereum Network (and uses ETH for its on-chain native token), almost all of the well-established DEXes support trading over Arbitrum. Some commonly-used options include:

Acquiring BNB

Radiant dLPs on Binance Chain require pairing $RDNT with BNB coin. BNB was created as a utility token for discounted trading fees in 2017, but its uses have expanded to numerous applications, including payments for transaction fees. You may acquire BNB via:

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