dLP Liquidity Options

Liquidity pools are essential to many DeFi protocols. They allow users to provide liquidity (in the form of two pairs--such as RDNT & ETH-- in exchange for a share of the pool's potential yield.

dLP tokens can be locked through the protocol to activate RDNT emissions in the money market, receive protocol revenue, and provide governance voting power.

Radiant currently offers two locked liquidity pools (for receiving platform fees and activating $RDNT emissions):

  1. Arbitrum: Balancer 80/20 composition (80% RDNT & 20% ETH)

  1. BNB Chain: Pancakeswap 50/50 (50% RDNT & 50% BNB)

One may bridge RDNT using the Layer Zero OFT bridge, providing ecosystem users with maximum flexibility to decide which chain yields will be more lucrative or to split their positions among chains.

To learn more about ETH and BNB, visit the project pages:

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