Vesting RDNT

Please note that this option is available only to users who meet the dLP eligibility criteria.


For users participating in Radiant's money markets, vesting RDNT offers a unique opportunity to capitalize on the collective market engagement. By depositing assets and achieving dLP eligibility, users not only earn an APY% yield on their assets but also gain additional yields through RDNT emissions.

The vesting of RDNT is governed by a structured approach. It includes a linearly decreasing penalty for early withdrawal, starting at 90% and reducing to 25% over a 90-day period. This incentivizes users to commit to the full vesting duration, ensuring they can fully benefit from the RDNT earned, mirroring their contribution to the platform's overall utility and success.

Initiating RDNT Vesting

To successfully vest RDNT and attain its full value, a 90-day maturation period is required.

  1. Starting the Vesting Process: Access the 'Manage Radiant' page. Locate the 'Vesting Overview' panel.

  2. Eligibility Check: If you haven't met the dLP eligibility, the 'Start vesting' button will be inactive.

  3. Activation: Eligible users can click 'Start vesting'. Follow this by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

Post-activation, the 'Vesting Overview' panel offers various management functions to track and manage your vesting process.

Zap Vesting RDNT into dLP

Once RDNT is currently vesting, zap into locked dLP with no exit penalty to begin receiving platform revenue and attain eligibility for RDNT emissions from lending and borrowing.

Under "currently vesting," select "Zap into dLP."

The Zap with vesting Radiant modal will appear:

Note that the RDNT and ETH/BNB input fields will auto-populate. Zapping with vesting RDNT can only be executed for the full vesting amount. Therefore the ETH/BNB calculation (borrowed from the money market or paired from your wallet) is automatic based on the ratio required to form the liquidity token.

After clicking continue, select the lock duration and corresponding multiplier, then click continue. Confirm the zapping information is accurate, and then click "Zap into dLP" to confirm the necessary transactions in your wallet.

Early Exit

Exit early for a penalty to receive RDNT immediately. Vests can be exited collectively for the penalty displayed under the "exit early" button below.

Alternatively, exit vests individually with their corresponding penalty amount by clicking the right arrow below on each vest you would like to exit.

Vest to Maturity

Vesting RDNT that has completed the 90-day maturation can be withdrawn for the full amount from the vested panel on the Manage Radiant page.

Additional Notes

  • Exiting a vest early will incur a 25-90% penalty based on a linear schedule of elapsed time

  • The penalty paid is returned at a ratio of 90% to the Radiant DAO Reserve to increase emissions runway, and 10% is allocated to the Radiant Starfleet Treasury, ratified in RFP-11

  • Initiating an "Exit Early" transaction from the "Currently vesting" panel will exit all separate vesting periods, with applicable penalties applied

  • Alternatively, you may "exit early" from individual vests by using the menu on the vesting panel

  • Initiating a "zap into dLP" transaction will zap all separate vesting periods

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