dLP stats

From the Manage Radiant page, view relevant statistics related to dLP.

Your Locked dLP: The fluctuating value of dLP caused by volatility on the underlying tokens- RDNT & ETH or RDNT & BNB.

dLP USD Value = (TWAP(RDNT, 1 hr) * rdntInLp) + (ethPrice * ethInLp) / LP Supply

dLP Locked (global): The total value of all dLP locked on the selected blockchain.

Daily platform fees (global): The total platform fees vary daily based on the amount of borrowing interest, liquidations, and flash loan fees the protocol generates over a rolling 24hr period. Daily platform fees are distributed linearly over seven days.

Your share: The percentage of global daily platform fees that is your share, based on your locked dLP in relation to the size of globally locked dLP. Calculation: (User share of dLP * user avg. dLP Multiplier) / (Total Protocol dLP * Global Protocol avg. multiplier) The average multiplier is based on your lock length selected each time you perform a lock/relock or zap/auto-compound into dLP.

Calculation: For example, User 1: - Total: 2 dLP locked / 13x Avg. Multiplier - 1 dLP Locked for 1 year (25x multiplier) - 1 dLP Locked for 1 month (1x multiplier)

Total Annual Platform Fees: Amount of projected protocol fees received by a user over the course of 365 days, based on an extrapolated 24h sample of Global Protocol Fees Calculation: (User Daily Protocol Fees * 365)

Your Current Lock APR: - Definition: User Specific Lock APR depending on Avg. Multiplier Calculation: (Global 1 month Locking APR * User Avg Multiplier) For calculations related to "Max Locking APR" on the Markets page, go here. For calculations related to the Zapping Modal, go here.

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