The Foundation website (radiant.capital), which will provide an interface to educate DAO members on the governance process and provide easy access to the channels described below in order to streamline the DAO’s operation and enhance its utility.

Communication Channel (Phase 1)

Discourse is a forum framework, hosted and configured by the Radiant DAO, to be used as the initial point of discussion for matters of governance.

RDNT holders must go through a wallet authentication process to post ideas or give feedback to ideas via comments.

RFP Idea posts must be approved by a moderator to ensure they meet all predetermined guidelines and template requirements.

All posts and comments will be regularly monitored by both a team of moderators & administrators engaged by the Foundation and by the DAO community members themselves. There will be zero tolerance for hate speech anywhere on this platform.

The Author of an idea via a post in community.radiant.capital cannot edit the original post. If the Author wants to propose changes to the original idea, the Author must do this via the comments.

Seven (7) days after it has been posted, an RFP Idea is closed to community feedback and will be automatically locked by Discourse.

Process for Draft Submission via Template: (Phase 2)

Once an idea is approved in community.radiant.capital after the seven-day community feedback cycle, a moderator will contact the Author to provide the appropriate template.

The Author should then submit an official RFP draft to the Intake Administrator using the template.

The administrator may then continue communication with the Author to inform them of any incorrect or missing information that needs to be changed—or clarifications that need to be made— for the RFP Draft to move to the next step.

If the Author does not respond to the Administrator’s request to change, update, or make clarifications on the RFP Draft within seven (7) days, the RFP Draft will be automatically rejected.

Live RFPs (Phase 6)

Snapshot is a framework for on-chain, gasless voting.

RDNT holders must go through a wallet authentication process to vote on Snapshot.

Council Members are the only ones allowed to launch RFPs on Snapshot as they must ensure each RFP has gone through the correct approval process.

Snapshot Voting Criteria

  1. Only locked RDNT will be eligible to vote.

  2. New proposals that meet the required guidelines will be launched in batches every Thursday at 9PM ET.

  3. User balance of locked RDNT will be referenced by block height at proposal launch.

  4. There will be a 24 hour “warm-up” period in order to allow a final review period for any superficial errors, as well as to encourage maximum voter engagement.

  5. The standard voting options for a Live RFP are “In favor”, “Against”, and “Abstain”.

  6. Voting “In favor” means the voter is in favor of implementing the RFP exactly as-is.

  7. Voting “Against” means the vote is against implementing the RFP exactly as-is – one may vote “Against” to encourage the Author to resubmit the RFP after making changes. Voting to “Abstain” means the vote is neither In Favor nor Against implementing the RFP, but the vote weight still will be counted towards quorum.

  8. The voting for each proposal in each weekly batch will be open for voting for five (5) days, closing at approximately 9PM ET on the following Wednesday.

  9. A vote must reach greater than 50% of votes cast “In favor” in order to pass.

  10. Furthermore, a vote must meet a quorum of 10% of circulating locked RDNT supply, to be determined at current block height when vote is initiated.

  11. Proposals that are approved by the holders of the requisite number of locked RDNT are moved to the Foundation for implementation.

  12. Only Administrators can post RFPs to Snapshot in order to ensure that each one has gone through the correct approvals process.

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