$RDNT, an OFT-20, is Radiant's native utility token. Layer Zero ’ omnichain fungible token (OFT) interoperability solution enables native, cross-chain token transfers.

With LayerZero’s guarantee of valid delivery, the token is burned on the source chain and minted on the destination chain directly through the token contract.

Omnifungible tokens allow for composability across multiple blockchains–no more fragmented liquidity, smart contract or finality risk, or wrapped tokens with considerable custody risk.

Use Radiant’s native token bridge to transfer $RDNT to any supported blockchains.

$RDNT as an OFT allows the token to exist on more dApps and blockchains than ever. Now, Radiant users can create more complex strategies and high-frequency arbitrage opportunities.

Why bridge RDNT?

  1. Hunt for higher platform fees on other chains

  2. Access RDNT emissions in the money market on other chains by activating dLP eligibility

  3. Arbitrage

How to use the OFT Bridge

After ensuring your wallet is connected to the Radiant protocol, navigate to the Bridge page.

Under "RDNT cross-chain bridge," input the amount of RDNT you would like to bridge, select the destination chain you would like your tokens to be sent, and click "bridge RDNT" to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

The amount of bridge RDNT swapped = gasForTxn + airdroppedNativeOnTargetChain

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