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As Radiant begins rolling out v3 and beyond, we're thrilled to share the team's expansion.

The expanded team at Radiant is a fusion of diverse talents and backgrounds, each member bringing unique skills and experiences. As we gear up for the launch of Radiant v3 and beyond, we're not just focused on skating the cutting edge; we're committed to creating a platform that is accessible, secure, and capable of revolutionizing the way people interact with DeFi.


Fresh Pizza, Radiant’s Director of Engineering, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure at SpaceShards and as a lead developer at BAO Finance.

With a background that spans traditional banking to the forefront of DeFi innovation, Fresh Pizza is passionate about creating infrastructures that empower users to have full custody of their capital.

His work on projects like Kakarot zkEVM and JediSwap underscores his commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in DeFi.

Shak, another addition as Senior Backend Developer, has been at the core of projects like BadgerDAO and Balancer, contributing significantly to the DeFi community’s growth.

His enthusiasm for working alongside brilliant minds to build the future of decentralized economies is contagious and aligns perfectly with Radiant’s vision for v3.

DCota, stepping in as Senior Backend Developer, has a unique blend of experiences from co-founding FujiFinance, contributing to the Xocolatl MXN stablecoin, to his past career as an aerospace engineer.

His vision of making lending protocols a standard in banking mirrors Radiant’s goal of making DeFi solutions more mainstream and user-friendly.

JD, a Full Stack Developer, brings a diverse skill set from leading the tech department at Coin Bureau Recruitment to winning the SyncTheCity hackathon. JD’s enthusiasm for innovation and building exceptional products alongside talented individuals make him a perfect fit for the challenges and opportunities that v3 presents.

Dan, Radiant’s Senior Lead Product Designer/Frontend, has a proven track record of designing intuitive and engaging crypto products. From his early days in crypto in 2017 to leading design initiatives at Zapper and Shopify, Dan is driven by the challenge of making DeFi an everyday product

Max, Senior Frontend Developer, comes from ConsenSys with a track record of building projects from the ground up, not once but twice. His experience and innovative approach will be invaluable as we forge ahead with v3.

Yurii, another Senior Frontend Developer, formerly with 1inch Network, is a Web3 mev-arbitrage enthusiast and has been a foundational engineer at several startups. His ambition to pioneer next-gen DeFi protocols is exactly what we’re looking for.

Niko, our Senior Product Designer, has an impressive portfolio from designing for large FinTech companies to building design teams from scratch at Series A startups. His passion for learning from the best and making DeFi understandable for the average person resonates with the Radiant DAO ethos.

Shini, joining as a Full Stack Developer, brings a unique blend of experience and insight from time spent at Defillama and Vestafinance. With a passion for enabling users to achieve financial independence and access previously inaccessible tools, Shini's vision perfectly complements Radiant's mission.

Other team Members

Director of Communications & DevOps PM: Isaac Prada

DAO Administrator: Hung Vu

Social Media Manager: Eliana

Operations: Liam

Finance: Roger

Business Development: Shreddy, 0xStorm

Support: Konstantin, Ed, Nazzy


Andrew Kang

Adam Cochran

Avi Felman

Ouroborous Capital

Jordi Alexander

Layer Zero

Offchain Labs

Binance Labs

Tom Brandy

George Macallan

Aaron Rosenthal

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